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YGL series of organic heat transfer material heater

YGL series of organic heat transfer material heater



Key technologies:


Heat Transfer Oil Boiler had obtained an international patented.

1. There are three to four layers of coil at the inner parts of the boiler with highly fume utilization rates.
2. The thermal insulating layer is adopted by refractory cement pouring integrated with good isolation and high heating efficiency.
3. Outermost insulation is using the steel specialize in boiler with the good isolation.



Introduction of Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater



This boiler is custom’s first choose as for an equipment of low pressure with high temperature. It is fired with coal, oil or gas and used heat conduction oil as heat carrier. The boiler supplies the heating with a close cycle. It carries the hot oil to the heat-transfer equipment then back to the boiler through forced circulation of hot oil pump. It has a widespread use on various fields.



Here are some characteristics about our products:

1. Rational construction with small size. It is easier to install the boiler with a low investment.
2. It can get a higher working temperature under normal pressure.
3. Heating transport with Liquid-phase. The pressure of saturated vapour is 70-80 times lower than water when the temperature is below 300. And the heat conduction oil seldom freezing in cold area.
4. It is a good substitution of water. It can be used in the places where is lack of water resource.


This kind of boiler can save energy more than 30%.




Multifunction Heating Environmental boiler (vertical)