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steam boiler

LSG series of vertical steam boiler



Product features:



Product features:

LSG(H)△-0.4(0.7)—AII series of vertical steam boiler is a new designed product of energy saving. It is equipped with the device of secondary air. According to the burning mechanism of coal inside the furnace, we adopt a variety of advanced technical measures to reach the aim at environmental and energy saving. Firstly, we set combustion zone in the grate surface to vaulted horizontal pipe without heating area. Then it can reduce the water cooling degrees but increase the temperature of ignition zone. It can make the fuel burn fully. Secondly, we are pouring set fire-resistant layer on the arched horizontal pipes of the bottom and upside. It also set the device of secondary air which add the oxygen in the burning area. It make the small carbon particles which carried in flue gas to stay longer in the furnace. Then it can burn sufficiently with low concentration of dust and smoke blackness.





Parameters of vertical steam boiler





parameters of vertical steam boiler